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Wireless Toyz

Founded in 1995 by Joe Barbat, Wireless Toyz generated almost 95% of its revenue from the wireless paging industry and had agreements with five different national paging providers. Two years into the wireless industry, the telecommunications industry turned in a new direction. Wireless phones were becoming more affordable; consumers began to regard cell phones as an essential part of their business and personal lives.

Wireless Toyz anticipated the emerging trend by making cellular products and services their core offering. In 1996, Wireless Toyz’s first service provider contract was with Ameritech Cellular. Throughout 1996 and 1997, Wireless Toyz concentrated exclusively on offering only Ameritech Cellular service in addition to their national paging services. With an aggressive marketing approach and knowledgeable wireless experts, Wireless Toyz grew to become one of the largest cellular retailers in the Midwest for Ameritech Cellular.

In 1998, the wireless industry evolved yet again; new national cellular providers began aggressively competing for market share dominance. Recognizing the huge opportunity to offer a variety of carriers to customers and become the pioneer in the wireless retail market, Wireless Toyz negotiated non-exclusive agreements with Nextel, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Dish Network, and Direct T.V. This decision propelled Wireless Toyz to the front as one of the first non-exclusive wireless retailers in the country.

In June of 1998, the first Wireless Toyz store opened in Ypsilanti, Michigan with immediate success. The store was dedicated to offering customers almost every cellular and satellite provider in one location. During our extensive plan to design our first store, we realized today’s customers are drawn to clean, comfortable, inviting environments in the places they shop. Wireless Toyz stores feature a modern design, specialized merchandise, unique A+ locations, and a branded menu and signage package that combine to create the best looking wireless store in the industry.

Customers love our one stop shopping experience as they are able to find the best provider to fit their personal or business needs. In less than twelve months, Wireless Toyz opened multiple locations throughout Michigan. In September 2001, Wireless Toyz began franchising to entrepreneurs who wanted to own their own store. A couple years later in July of 2003, Wireless Toyz began offering Master Franchise programs to entrepreneurs who wanted to dominate a particular market.


Wireless Toyz continues to develop a very unique and innovative structure for marketing cell phones and satellite TV. In the past, cellular phones could only be purchased from single brand stores or large chain stores. Wireless Toyz has created an ideal alternative, which focuses on: *Multiple carrier stores *Expert customer service*Knowledgeable Wireless Experts*Competitive pricing and *The largest selection of cellular phones, satellite systems and accessories in the industry.

Wireless Toyz caters to their customers through many innovative programs such as referral credits, volume purchase discounts, and much more. Wireless Toyz leads the retail cellular industry by putting the customer first.

Wireless Toyz continues to prove that multi-carrier stores provide an incredible income and growth opportunity. In 2003, Wireless Toyz has grown to over 27 successful locations in 7 states. In addition, 23 stores have been signed as of December 2003 to open in 2004. Wireless Toyz offers a master franchise program available that offers territories to entrepreneurs to help supercharge our growth plan. The goal is to double in size each year and have 250 high producing stores open by 2007.


Wireless Toyz is positioned to build on our existing success. The market niche of multi carrier stores is still in an aggressive growth stage. The more people that use cell phones, the busier our stores become. In 2003, same store sales were up by an average of 30% from 2002. Industry sales are currently $76 billion nationwide and expected to double in three years. Over 40% of the U.S population does not own a cellular phone and the U.S is behind many European and Asian countries. As the leader in the wireless and satellite TV industries, Wireless Toyz will capitalize on these opportunities by offering: *Multiple carrier stores *Expert customer service*Knowledgeable Wireless Experts*Competitive pricing and *The largest selection of cellular phones, satellite systems and accessories available.



Wireless Toyz is different than other wireless retailers as most cellular stores offer single carrier services. Less than 10% of wireless retailers offer more than three carriers to customers. Wireless Toyz is in the top 2% of all wireless retail stores with five carriers and two satellite providers.

Wireless Toyz provides wireless experts that are knowledgeable with all carrier products and services, superior customer service and a variety of carriers in a comfortable, convenient and professional shopping atmosphere. Customers want to shop the leader - a store that has a proven record with thousands of customers across the nation. Wireless Toyz represents almost every carrier, including: AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Dish Network and Direct TV – as well as some regional carriers.

One of our most valuable assets is our relationships with our carriers. This allows us to expand nationally on a non-exclusive basis and because of our purchasing power; we are able to compensate you greater than if you were to deal with the carriers directly.

What differentiates Wireless Toyz from big box retailers and mom and pop stores are our unique systems, carrier relations, excellent locations, customer service and highly trained wireless experts. The Wireless Toyz training program gives our wireless experts the edge in the cellular phone and satellite TV industries. We offer our customers the ultimate professional expertise, variety and service.


Wireless Toyz has developed a franchise package that has revolutionized the wireless industry. An estimated investment of $150,000 in total startup costs is required to open a Wireless Toyz franchise. Wireless Toyz has introduced a concept that is unique and has created a franchise system that will offer you the tools and the support you will need to help you achieve the ultimate goal of success.

Unlike any industry you have seen - you will be amazed at the dynamic opportunities available to you. Wireless Toyz has created a very affordable and profitable system to accelerate you to your goals as a wireless retailer, and of course, SUCCESS.

Each Wireless Toyz store will achieve different results depending on location and the store operator. The gross profit margins before overhead costs are approximately 45% of sales on average as detailed in item 19 of our UFOC. Depending on your overhead costs such as inventory, management wages, loan payment and rent, it is possible to net a bigger margin. Several Wireless Toyz franchises have recouped their entire investment in their first year of operation.

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Telephone number:1.866.2.FRANCHISE
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